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The Milz Strauss family, with a long history in ranching, was attracted to the cultivation of cocoa a few years ago, acquiring the farm in 2015. At that time it had young trees (1-3 years old) and began to produce little by little. little their first fruits.


A year later we enlarged the farm acquiring another part in front that had mature trees. In 2019 we decided to make our own chocolate brand, Milz Chocolat, using cocoa harvested on our farm, carefully monitoring each step of the process to produce a product of excellent quality and flavor.


After more than a year of learning and many tests, we offer you a chocolate that is not just a product but a moment of pleasure and happiness when savoring and tasting it.

We officially hit the market in June 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, and at the end of that same year we participated in the first Dominican Chocolate Festival. Within the framework of the festival, the first Dominican Chocolate Contest was held, in which we competed in the three categories, and won gold, silver and public choice awards. For us, making chocolate is an art that we look at with respect and admiration for the beauty of the entire process that surrounds it.

Meet the family

Ivonne Strauss de Milz


graduated fromEcole Chocolat with the certification of "Chocolate Maker & Chocolatier", in addition to "Chocolate Production" by Melissa Coppel chocolatier and "Chocolate Techniques" from the Ice Institute of New York, businesswoman with 30 years of experience. He is the one who leads the process of making chocolate from the fermented and dried cocoa bean, to the production processes in the factory.

Yifat Milz Strauss


graduated from Ecole Chocolat with the certification of "Chocolatier" in addition to "Chocolate Production" by Melissa Coppel Chocolatier, with 14 years of banking experience, both local and international. It is in charge of the sales and marketing part, as well as the production of confections and sweets using our chocolate as the main ingredient.

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